GNC Week In Review

GNC Week In Review

Amazon Prime Day breaks records #030

July 18, 2019

This week, Amazon Prime Day breaks records……again, Netflix loses subscribers, smartphone shipments decline, eBay beats Q2 estimates, Verizon launches 5G in St. Paul plus the DNC gets a warning not to use FaceApp

Show Notes:

Netflix Q2
A decline in smartphone shipments
eBay Q2
DNC warned not to use FaceApp
Verizon launches 5G in St. Paul
Best AT&T phones
BYOD Comcast Xfinity Mobile
Samsung Galaxy Note 10
Google will pay up to $3000.00 to report a bug
Google's plan to improve local news
YouTube crackdown on stream ripping
Orlando won't use Amazon's facial recognition 
Facial recognition banned in another state
Best drones for kids
Best phone mounts and holders for cars
How to get the best wifi connection at the airport
Smart News apps
Best podcasts for kids
Delete these banned apps from your Android phone
Google Trends at number 3: Area 51 Raid
Trending on Twitter at number 10: #heatwave
Trending on YouTube at number 8
AI Rubiks Cube
AI bartender