Global Press Passport

Global Press Passport

A Working Translation

June 15, 2017

Global Press stories are published in English, French and Spanish. As we prepare to start publishing in Sinhala and Nepali, the official languages of Sri Lanka and Nepal, later this month, we are taking a moment to reflect on why we publish our stories in multiple languages. The answer is rooted in our commitment to accountability, accuracy and human dignity.

In the third episode of the Global Press Passport, podcast host Kyana Moghadam invites guests to share their experiences with translation and interpretation, and to explain why words matter.

“A Working Translation” features Global Press Journal translators Rishi Khalsa and Sagar Ghimire. Global Press Assignment Editor, Natalia Aldana, and Global Press Founder and Executive Director, Cristi Hegranes.

From the Language Justice Project, a New York-based work group promoting multilingual access in the US by providing tools and guidance for social justice organizers, interpreter oral historian and documentarian, Allison Corbett and oral historian, cultural organizer and language justice advocate, Fernanda Espinosa, join the conversation.

Lina Mounzer, a writer and translator who worked as a translator for the Damascus Bureau, an under-project of the Institute for War and Peace Reporting, joins us to discuss her translations of first-person accounts of life by Syrian women living through the war. Mounzer’s fiction and essays have appeared in Bidoun, Warscapes, and the anthology Hikayat: Short Stories by Lebanese Women Writers.