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Glistening Particles

Ep 140: Qigong and healing with Matthew Wood

December 02, 2019

Matthew Wood is the Founder and Chief Instructor at Shaolin Qigong Hampshire in the UK. In this episode, you'll learn about Qigoing and we'll step through a beautiful setup for a Qigong practice - including smiling from your heart (my favorite moment to moment practice these days!).

Matthew and I have known each other for several years. We were part of a small and powerful mastermind group at one point, collectively guiding each other towards big life dreams. We've shared energy practices while each following those sparks leading us to our unique joy and purpose. It sounds a little cliche - joy and purpose - but when you find those threads and follow them, it is truly joy along the way and a deep sense of purpose takes birth.

Matthew wows me with his three random facts - things I didn't know after this long! And to research pantomimes!

Matthew's Bio:

Matthew works with individuals and groups to transform their energy so they can live fuller, happier lives. He has a long-held fascination with energy and the mind-energy-body connection. He is currently deep in the rabbit hole, experiencing how energy can transform life at all levels, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Now a transformational energy healer and coach, Matthew offers energy training and healing individually and in combination to shift and transform stuck energy and outgrown patterns and create positive results.

Appointed Shaolin Cosmos Qigong Instructor by Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit in 2018, Matthew now provides Shaolin Qigong training and Qigong Therapy in the UK. Qigong is an extraordinary energy art that restores the body's own innate self-healing ability to create health and vitality, builds more energy, fosters longevity, provides emotional resilience, a clear mind and facilitates peak performance. You can reach Matthew in the UK for Shaolin Cosmos Qigong training and Qigong Therapy, and worldwide via Skype on in-person for private transformational coaching and energy healing with Thetahealing® and Reiki. Visit his website links at the end of these notes.

Where to find Matthew:

Shaolin Qigong Hampshire

Facebook page for Shaolin Qigong Hampshire

Email Matthew


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Thank you for listening!!!