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06. this is not a drill - teen wolf is BACK
October 11, 2021

betcha didnt see this one coming because I DIDNT EITHER! i was so shocked i almost cried (i so would too). In this episode we break down all I know about the TEEN WOLF MOVIE coming to paramount+ in 2022 EEEEK GOFUNDME:

05. feeling like an outsider
September 27, 2021

it has been a couple of weeks since an update has been made, so a quick little update is what you shall get! i also dive into a very personally topic about fitting in, feeling like an outsider, and experiencing something i view as racism. it is very impor

04. breaking down the fear street trilogy
September 13, 2021

the time no one asked for is finally here. i, Mika, talks about the fear street trilogy. I break down each film, discuss my love for r.l stein, his work, and  about it becoming the MCU of horror. should it? shouldn't it? watch the films and decide fo

03. 1 week down, 16 more to go!
August 30, 2021

an update about week one of school, the stress that's already happening, attendance policies, and how covid has (and still is) affecting school life.

02. school (2021)
August 16, 2021

Mika discusses the upcoming semester... well sort of. This episode talks about the pressures of film school and the ideologies taught by professors that can be taxing on the mental health of students. Mika also discusses the fact that she's a perfectionis

01. let me (re)introduce myself, my name is...
August 02, 2021

hello! welcome back to girls do film, the new (and improved!) podcast!!!!! in this episode we are introduced to the host, Mika, as she talks about her passion for filmmaking, current (and past) projects she's been working on, talks about her future, the f

4. TV Time Watchlist
September 08, 2020

today we’re going through my watchlist on an app called TV Time. I use TV Time to track all my tv shows (especially the countdown feature!) and rate/review them. 10/10 recommend if you’re really into TV shows.

3. Never Have I Ever (2020)
September 01, 2020

we talk about representation in tv and film. also i swoon over a fictional relationship for like 7 minutes straight!

2. Shows I’ve Finished PT. 2
August 25, 2020

Part 2 of Shows I’ve Finished. We head back on over to TV Time to rate and chat about shows that i’ve finished! This episode is brought you by Kawaii Knitties (@kawaiiknitties)

1. Shows I’ve Finished
August 18, 2020

GDF SEASON 2 BAYBEEEEE. today’s episode we talk about the TV shows i’ve finished and i rate them out of 10. hehe happy first day back! This episode is brought you by Kawaii Knitties (@kawaiiknitties)