Girl Power Alliance

Girl Power Alliance

Episode 116 - Elevating Your Wisdom & Wealth

June 25, 2022

Girl Power Alliance is a community of women who are Kingdom-Driven and want to empower, encourage, and equip each other with the tools to experience growth in both their faith and personal life.

Girl Power Alliance Guest: Izabella Levey

Izabella Levey is a results-driven, fast-talking, faith-fuelled Money Mentor for established service-based entrepreneurs.

Izabella's mission is simple and shines through everything that she does: to elevate the wealth of women entrepreneurs and empower them to reach their ultimate financial freedom & fulfillment.

She has a blissful blend of strategy and soul which has collectively supported her clients in generating over $4 MILLION in new revenue in the past 4 years.

Izabella's mentorship is said to be similar to having a secret silent partner as she supports her clients behind the scenes so they can shine on the scene.

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