Thought Design with Mark Mabry

Thought Design with Mark Mabry

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Dr. Dale Hull: Neuroplasticity, Learning to Walk, and Mental Paralysis
June 08, 2024

Dr. Dale Hull was an OBGYN in the middle of a successful career when he failed to complete a backflip on his backyard trampoline this resulted in neck-down paralysis and a four month hospital stay d

What is Thought Design?
May 29, 2024

The only thing we can control is the thought in our head right now. Really it's the only thing. So will you be intentionally about it? Or will you let the other voices in your head run your life?

Bo's Childhood Exit Interview
July 29, 2022

Before my kids leave home, I sit them down for an exit interview. What did we do right? What did we do wrong? Regrets? Things we're proud of. What do you think about your brothers and sister? Bo is a

Getting Out of Hell
June 06, 2022

Have you ever had a "rough patch" in your marriage? For me, the functionality of my marriage is directly proportional to my ability to function anywhere else. When I'm sideways with my wife, my mind i

I asked my wife 7 Questions.
May 24, 2022

I'm afraid of stagnation... especially in my relationships... more especially in my relationship with my wife. Nothing scares me more than a situation where we find that the spark is so gone that neit

Essentials of Unity: Part 1 of 5
April 14, 2022

How can we build unity with someone who isn't aware that a relationship even exists yet? First, we need to understand that a "Relation" is the basic unity of unit. As soon as you're aware of someone

Mother's Day
May 10, 2021

I was asked to speak at our church for the Mother's Day service. Honest, I've never been so nervous to speak before. There are so many heartbreaks all around Motherhood... so that's exactly what I spoke about.  The value of heartbreak.  This...

Heartbreak, what's it good for?
February 01, 2021

This woman. How was she so magnetic that she STOPPED JESUS IN HIS TRACKS? Background. Just two days ago, Jesus road in Triumphantly, like a conquering hero, turned over the money-changer tables,

Putting Jesus in front of Politics, Mark Mabry with Pastor Scott Sauls
January 13, 2021

We're late. But it's about time. Time to start putting our brothers and sisters above our political ideology. But how? How can we righteously fight for our beliefs about how a society should operate AND maintain civility and love... especially among...

A little Christmas message about Seeing
December 24, 2020

Imagine its Christmas 2020. We all wake up in matching jammies and do stockings, breakfast, anticipation and then mom and dad (you now) walk into family room to verify that Santa came. But the roo