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094 Lee Family Curse
May 11, 2022

Is the Lee Family cursed? Bruce Lee and his son Brandon Lee both died tragically young. But what caused these heartbreaking deaths? Was the family cursed by a demon? Were they cursed because of Bruce’

093 Oakley Court (Rocky Horror Picture Show Castle)
April 27, 2022

Is Oakley Court haunted? Did you know that the castle where they filmed The Rocky Horror Picture Show as well as several Hammer Horror films has a lot of ghost stories? Ghostly is joined by Mike Morri

092 Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop - New Orleans
April 13, 2022

Is Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar Haunted?

091 Skeptics Day with Freak of the Week
March 30, 2022

Do these celebrities haunt this earth? Join Ghostly for a special Skeptics Day episode with guests Dr. David Hickney (not Nick Mataragas) from Freak of the Week and Dr. Simon Scumbajay (not Al Morgan)

090 Most Haunted: Bela Lugosi's Apartment - LA
March 16, 2022

Is the Bela Lugosi apartment haunted? One of LA’s most famous haunted residences was home to one of horror’s most famous actors, Bela Lugosi. The man who helped make Dracula famous had a secret woman

089 Most Haunted: Betsy Ross House
March 02, 2022

Is the Betsy Ross House haunted? One of Philadelphia’s most famous residences is also considered one of its most haunted. America’s first flag-maker had an interesting life. But does she now have an a

088 Most Haunted: Screaming Bridge - Arlington TX
February 16, 2022

Is the Screaming Bridge in Arlington, Texas haunted? Following a tragic series of deaths, this bridge was removed before it could keep killing. Since then, visitors claim to hear screaming and to see

087 Most Haunted: Chicago Water Tower
February 02, 2022

Is the Chicago Water Tower haunted? Special guest host Mondo joins Ghostly to talk about one of the most haunted places in Chicago, the Water Tower on Michigan Avenue. It’s also one of the oldest buil

GhostlyX: Believers 'R' Us the Rebecca Story
January 26, 2022

Preview Episode In a special preview episode of our new show GhostlyX, the tables are turned and Pat interviews Rebecca about her life and what makes her a believer. Ghostly […]

086 Most Haunted: House of Death - NYC
January 19, 2022

Is the House of Death Haunted? One of the most haunted places in New York City, the House of Death is known for ghosts, bad luck, and Mark Twain. Over the years, residents have reported paranormal act