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084 Skinwalker Ranch with Jack Chavez
November 24, 2021

he world, Skinwalker Ranch is filled with stories of UFOs, animal mutilations, orbs, shadow people, and even poltergeist activity. Also, of course, reports of attacks by Skinwalkers, beings who transf

083 President Polk
November 10, 2021

Does President Polk still haunt this earth? The United States’ 11th president was unique as a dark horse candidate that promised to finish his four-point plan and did. But there are also claims of his

082 Bran Castle
October 27, 2021

Is Bran Castle haunted? We’re wrapping up Haunted Castles month on Ghostly! Last up is Bran Castle in Transylvania, Romania. Many claim that this castle is home to none other than Dracula himself, Vla

081 Casa Loma
October 20, 2021

Is Casa Loma haunted? It’s Haunted Castles month on Ghostly! Next up is Casa Loma in Toronto, Canada. From a Lady in White to ghostly horses, this modern day castle is haunted. Or is it? Listen and vo

080 Edinburgh Castle
October 13, 2021

Is Edinburgh Castle haunted? It’s Haunted Castles month on Ghostly! Next up is Edinburgh Castle in Scotland, widely considered one of the most haunted places in the world. From ghostly bag pipers to a

079 Conwy Castle, Wales
October 06, 2021

Is Conwy Castle Haunted? It’s Haunted Castles month on Ghostly! First up is Conwy Castle in Wales, widely considered one of the most haunted castles in the world. From soldiers to monks, this place is

078 Enfield Poltergeist Conjuring 2 with Bob After Dark
September 29, 2021

Was the Enfield family haunted? Special guest Bob After Dark joins Ghostly to talk about The Conjuring 2 and the Enfield hauntings, one of the most documented hauntings in history.

Bonus - Roff House Interviews
September 22, 2021

who experienced something on their tour of the house. Shockingly, one of those stories involves our own skeptic, Pat

077 Bluff City Cemetery with Tony Szabelski at Elgin Fringe Festival
September 15, 2021

Is Bluff City Cemetery haunted? Listen to a Live Ghostly episode! Paranormal investigator and historian Tony Szabelski joined us live at the Blue Box Café in Elgin, IL to talk about Bluff City Cemeter

076 Roff House with Graveside Paranormal
September 01, 2021

Ghostly joined with Graveside Paranormal to interview the owner of the Roff House, John Whitman. The Roff House is the location of one of the first documented possessions in the United States. Learn a