Ghosted! by Roz Hernandez

Ghosted! by Roz Hernandez

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Julie Klausner Stayed in a Haunted Presidential Suite
June 03, 2024

Roz shields her eyes for the arrival of supernova writer, comedian, actor and co-host of Double Threat, Julie Klausner! Smoldering beneath bangs and huge sunglasses, the two discuss reincarnation, tho

Curly Velasquez Believes in Ancient Queer Magic
May 27, 2024

Roz is jolted from a deep sleep by the return of marvelously talented actor, writer, and producer, Curly Velazquez. Against a waning moon, candles flicker while the two discuss automatic writing, bruj

Michael Henry and Tim Murray Reveal Their Past Lives
May 20, 2024

This week, Roz shimmies through throngs of ghosts to reunite with the deliciously deviant comedy duo, Michael Henry and Tim Murray! Amongst shadows and fluttering cobwebs, the three discuss the 20+ ye

Bridger Winegar Received a Puzzling Sign
May 13, 2024

Roz squints through the peephole only to find writer, actor, comedian, and host of I Said No Gifts, Bridger Winegar at her door! As the two settle in for a cozy reunion they discuss recurring dreams,

Lagoona Bloo Believes Mermaids Are Real
May 06, 2024

This week, Roz is swept out to sea by the living, breathing, mermaid-drag queen and bubble pop star, Lagoona Bloo! Waves shimmer and crash under the full moon while the two discuss mysterious creature

Willam Belli Doesn’t Let Demons In
April 29, 2024

This week, Roz waves her freshly manicured talons to summon a most wicked guest, the legendary drag queen, actor, singer-songwriter, Willam! The chandelier sways and dims as the two discuss a demonic

Rob Huebel Got Zapped by a Ghost
April 22, 2024

Crystal ball visions come true when Roz is visited by comedian, actor, and paranormal enthusiast, Rob Huebel. Lights flicker and doors creak as the two discuss haunted abandoned hospitals, the time Ro

A Spine Tingly Listener Phone Call Extravaganza
April 15, 2024

The phones are ringing off the hooks as Rozs listeners call in with their own experiences of the paranormal! Jills mother was followed home by a little ghost girl and kept it a secret for YEARS, Ivy

Cara Connors Got a Reading at Pride
April 08, 2024

Upon the altar, Roz sets a chalice for the return of comedian, actor, and writer Cara Conners. Veiled in candlelight, the two discuss the Falcon Lake Incident, getting read without consent by a psychi

Greg and Dana Newkirk Canceled a Curse with Love
April 01, 2024

Its a HELLIER of a reunion when Roz welcomes back THE power couple of paranormal investigation, documentary film producers and hosts of The Haunted Objects podcast, Greg and Dana Newkirk! As founders