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S3E28: Interview With Jacob Tremblay & Nora Twomey My Father’s Dragon

November 10, 2022

My Father’s Dragon, adapted from the popular book series and tells the story of Elmer and his best friend, a dragon named Boris. We had the chance to sit down for an interview with Jacob Tremblay and Nora Twomey to chat about the movie and having magical creatures for a sidekick.

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Interview with Jacob Tremblay & Nora Twomey

Interview with Jacob Tremblay & Nora Twomey

Jacob stars as Elmer the young boy who sets out on the adventure of a lifetime where he meets Boris. The story is warm, heartfelt, and beautifully animated. Nora has brought this beloved book to life, creating a world kids will want to get lost in.

While Jana decided to ask a more serious question, Ashley had a little fun. You will never guess what kind of animal Jacob would choose for a best friend. Or rather, his reasoning for said choice!

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To hear the whole interview take a listen below.

About My Father’s Dragon

After a move to the city with his mother, Elmer struggles to adapt to his new life. He decides to run away only to discover Wild Island. There he finds a young dragon named Boris waiting to be rescued. Elmer’s adventures introduce him to ferocious beasts, a mysterious island, and the friendship of a lifetime. But will Elmer be courageous enough to save Boris and his other new friends? Time is running out.

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