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S2E34: Loki Episode 1 Breakdown & Easter Eggs

June 09, 2021

The moment we have all been waiting for, Loki is finally here and he has a GLORIOUS purpose. Episode 1 included the TVA, Mobius, and the reason Loki isn’t reset for his crimes. Oh and just a revelation that a few someones may have died for nothing. Are you ready for this Loki episode 1 breakdown?

This is your spoiler warning if you have not watched Episode 1 of Loki “Glorious Purpose.”

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Loki episode 1 breakdown podcastLoki Episode 1 Breakdown & Easter Eggs

The episode started off right where we left Loki, escaping the Avengers in 2012 using the Tesseract. He leaves NYC and lands in the Gobi Desert, Unfortunately, the people living there don’t seem to care who he is but the TVA does.

Hunter B 15 and her Minute Men appear and arrest Loki for crimes against the sacred timeline. They use an interesting weapon against him, the Time Twister, which has some comic book origins. At the TVA Loki watches an instructional video featuring Miss Minutes that catches us all up on who the TVA is and what they do.

Long story short the Time Keepers created the TVA to guard the timeline after they saved it from a multiverse war. Throw in a few comic book Easter eggs and even a Disney Parks one and it was a very interesting video.

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The Avengers botched Time Heist and their time traveling, which Loki figured out by the way, is dismissed by Judge Renslayer as something that was suppose to happen. Easy way out on that one Marvel but we aren’t mad about it. Time Travel is hard. For comic fans if Renslayer’s name sounds familiar it’s because Ravonna Renslayer just happened to be Kang The Conqueror’s lady love. Kang is the villain in Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania. Is Renslayer sus? We have some thoughts.

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In order to show Loki the TVA is real, he sees events in his life that haven’t happened yet. We are forced to live through his saddest moments (rude) and cry as he cries. Loki escapes, naturally, and discovers a drawer full of… wait for it… INFINITY STONES. Excuse me TVA. We have some questions. Why didn’t you help the Avengers? Black Widow and Gamora died for nothing? And Vision? Wanda is going to want to have a chat with you.

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It ends with confirmation that our original theory about the Variant was true. They need Loki’s help because the dangerous Variant IS Loki. We can’t share about Episode 2 yet but trust us, it just gets even wilder from here.

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