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S2E32: The Bad Batch Episode 2 Breakdown “Cut and Run”

May 07, 2021

Star Wars and Disney not only dropped an exciting 70-minute premiere for The Bad Batch but they also released episode 2, “Cut and Run” this morning. Now that the Batch are fugitives of the Empire, they must find a way to survive. The problem is the Empire is cracking down on its people and they have a curious child in tow.

Before we get into this Bad Batch episode 2 breakdown, this is your spoiler warning. The Bad Batch is now streaming on Disney+.

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Bad Batch Episode 2 BreakdownThe Bad Batch Episode 2 Breakdown

The Clone Wars intro is gone. Now the boys are fugitives from the empire and are responsible for a young clone – Omega. Clone Force 99 has made it to J-19 but unfortunately so has the empire.

They meet up with an old friend, someone you may recognize if you watched The Clone Wars. Cut also drops a hint that Rex has come and gone recently. Since Rex appeared briefly in the trailer, it is safe to say we may see him really soon.

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With the increased presence of the empire, Cut and his family needs passage off the planet but the only way to do so is with chain codes. Unfortunately, he can’t get one since he is technically a deserter. That’s not an issue for the Bad Batch. Tech comes up with a great plan. But things never go as planned for our clones and they must fight their way out.

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