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Ep. 9: Why We Love Schitt’s Creek

January 05, 2020
Why We Love Schitt’s Creek

With Season 6 of “Schitt’s Creek” coming up, we had to dedicate this episode to why we love the show. From David to Moira, here are some reasons why we are obsessed. Let’s get checked into the Rosebud Motel.

Why We Love Schitt's CreekWho on Schitt’s Creek would we hang out with?

We both agree that it would be a dream to hang out with the cast of “Schitt’s Creek,” either as their characters or who they are in real life. David would be our go-to bestie for sure. His sarcasm and wit make him ideal for our friends’ group. Dan Levy also speaks to me on a personal level with how much he loathes people coughing while traveling.

While David would be our bestie, we see ourselves like Stevie. Less fashionable than David with all the same sass and disdain. Either way we go, I bet there would be a lot of wine drinking and judging going on.

As much as Moira might not be the person you want to hang-out with, she has some of the best shade of the entire show. Where do you think David got it from? Also, Catherine O’Hara is amazing and I will hear no complaints.

5 of the Best Schitt’s Creek Quotes

“Let’s go. I’ve had enough waking hours for one day.”  Moira Rose

“I have my own holiday tradition. It’s like the 12 Days of Christmas, but it’s one day with 12 bottles of wine.” — Stevie Budd

“I plan on popping a pill, crying a bit, and falling asleep early.” — David Rose

“You know what, David, you get murdered first for once.”  Alexis Rose

“You’re my Mariah Carey.”  Patrick Brewer

Honorable mention to the Schitt’s Creek sign; don’t worry it’s his sister!

Why We Love Schitt's Creek

When does Season 6 of Schitt’s Creek Start?

Schitt’s Creek Season 6 begins Tuesday, January 7, 2020, on Pop TV here in the U.S. and on CBC in Canada. This is the final season of the Emmy nominated show and we are sad to see it go but looking forward to what Dan Levy and the cast have for us in the future.

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How to binge all 5 seasons of Schitt’s Creek

Whether you are new to this fandom or just want to recap before season 6, Netflix is the home of all 5 previous seasons of “Schitt’s Creek.” Relive your favorite moments and cry along with us when Patrick sings to David.

I swear I could watch the episode of “Simply the Best,” over and over and over again. This new season promises more laughs and tears as we say goodbye to the Rose family and watch David and Patrick live happily, ever, after.

Why We Love Schitt's Creek

Who is your favorite “Schitt’s Creek” character? Let us know!

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