GF JOE Being gluten free for life

GF JOE Being gluten free for life

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GF Joe GFP 4
February 10, 2019

Daily  Food Intake; My morning  food breakfast  cornflakes and collagen protein bar by Bulletproof, legumes and nuts, Almonds peanuts, Walnuts, Pistachios. Bulletproof collagen protein bars are not gluten free even though is says it gluten

GFJOE Episode GFP#2 GF JOE Quick gluten free FOOD LIST
February 04, 2019

ALL MEATS AND POULTRY ARE GLUTEN FREE  IF FROZEN FLAVORED OR I.E. CHICKEN NUGGETS please read labels. Fruits &  Vegetables Meat and poultry Fish and seafood Dairy Beans, legumes, and nuts GRAINS YOU CAN HAVE   Rice Cassav

GF Joe Gluten Free Podcast GFP#1
February 02, 2019

Hello EveryonePlease allow me to introduce myself I am Joseph A. Camerieri aka "GF Joe" the original. I am leading expert on gluten free lifestyle. I have been gluten free not one week not 4 weeks not 1 year not 5 years, I have been gluten free for for 2