Get Unstuck & On Target

Get Unstuck & On Target

Episode 112: Tips on Building & Effectively Managing a 100% Remote Team

March 01, 2023

In today’s episode, Mike talks to Igor Kheifets, the world’s highest-paid email marketer. Igor specializes in helping average people break the link between their time and their income.

Igor Kheifets’ Biography

He’s the Amazon best-selling author of List Building Lifestyle: Confessions of an Email Millionaire, a book where he tells the story of how he went from scrubbing ketchup off plastic trays as a Burger King bus boy to becoming a cash millionaire before his 25th birthday using nothing but email. Igor specializes in helping average people create multiple streams of income using nothing but their laptop and an internet connection without previous experience or lots of free time. Get Igor’s book at today.

Questions in This Episode
  • What is the List-Building Lifestyle and what is list building?
  • What led Igor to create a team that is 100% remote?
  • What are some key factors in the success of managing a remote team?
  • How does Igor make known the goals and deadlines to his team?
  • How does Igor differentiate the types of people he uses on his remote team?
  • What are some insights that Igor has learned in managing teams?
  • How can people reach out to Igor and learn more about the List-Building Lifestyle and his podcast?
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