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Get Unstuck & On Target

Episode 102: Keys to Growing Your Business with Ryan Niddel

December 01, 2022

Ryan is a principal in a private equity group, the CEO of two eight-figure companies, and sits on the boards of several other companies.

Ryan Niddel‘s Biography

Ryan Niddel is a CEO, Board Member, and Entrepreneur. He is also the leading authority on improving the revenue of companies by improving EBITDA through increased operational efficiency, lean manufacturing principles, and more. He has helped with the acquisition or exit of more than 11 companies while seeing their collective revenue surpass more than $237M. Niddel has successfully tripled the revenue of more than 5 companies in under 2 1/2 years, adding an extra $950M in valuation to these companies.

Niddel began his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 10 with a local lawn mowing operation which led to being taken under the wing of a local businessman while being mentored starting at the age of 14. He currently is a principal in a private equity group, the CEO of two 8-figure companies, and sits on the board of directors for several other companies. He has built a reputation as Ohio’s top business growth specialist and as someone able to rapidly improve the profitability of a company in order to achieve a higher valuation and sell for significantly more revenue.

Ryan Niddel contributes to multiple charities, including Big Brother Big Sister, Operation Underground Railroad, The Buckeye Ranch, and other causes he cares about. He is in the process of launching a foundation focused on the education of the youth of today to help with the practical application of business, entrepreneurism, and capitalism.

Information in This Episode

Disrupter in the areas of:

  • Rapid Revenue Generation
  • Business Model Enhancement
  • Strategic Restructuring
  • Business Makeovers
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