Get Unstuck & On Target

Get Unstuck & On Target

Episode 93: How to use Storytelling to Land your Ideal Job with Gina Riley

September 22, 2022

Gina Riley is an authority in career transition. She is the creator of the trademarked Career Velocity SystemÔ – a comprehensive solution that helps leaders & executives map out a transition strategy to last throughout their career.

Gina Riley’s Biography

Gina Riley is a Human Resources professional who sits at the powerful convergence between Career Coaching, Executive Search and Interview Skills Training. She is an authority in career transition and is the creator of the CareerVelocity System™ – a comprehensive solution helping leaders and executives map out their transition strategy to last throughout their career.

Gina brings over 25 years of experience from small business to Fortune 50 companies. She has a Master’s degree in Whole Systems Design and has held positions in recruitment, management of a 500-student intern program, work on M&A initiatives and served as HR Business Consultant to several executive teams. She developed, designed, and delivered training programs on a wide variety of topics.

She is sought after for her thought leadership and expertise in the areas of professional networking and career development. She spoke at Portland’s first Disrupt HR forum and has conducted seminars on networking to help job seekers improve their ability to make meaningful and mutually advantageous professional connections. She was also a speaker at the 2019 Career Thought Leaders Symposium sharing expertise with career experts on how to advise coaching clients on how to build effective relationships with executive level recruiters.

She led a new Employer Brand initiative for a $4B world-wide company headquartered in Portland and provided interview training to all their US managers in Oregon, Arkansas, and Texas. Additionally, she conducted interview training for the leadership team at a renown winery in Napa Valley.

Gina is also a certified YouMap® coach, starting with her client’s strengths, values, skills, motivators, and leadership traits to help them powerfully integrate their unique attributes so their storytelling lands in every conversation or interview. She uses a rare strength combination of focus and action, customizing her coaching to help clients get career velocity so they can deliver their career story in a powerful way that resonates.

Gina’s unique approach and framework help leaders showcase themselves as a “Business In A Business” and position themselves as authoritative problem solvers with undeniable, specialized leadership services. Because she is a continuous learner and prolific networker, Gina has forged relationships with cutting edge authorities in the field of careers and leadership around the world, constantly folding in fresh, relevant ways to help clients to accelerate their career transition success.

With leadership clients that span coast to coast, her clients say she “connects familiar dots in new ways” and “pulls back the curtain” to share unseen processes and unheard conversations from an executive recruiter’s perspective.

When Gina is not coaching or recruiting, she spends time studying leadership trends, volunteering to help others build professional skills, cooking, making old-fashioneds, or hiking in Central Oregon with her family.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn…

On today’s episode Mike talks with Gina Riley. Gina is an HR professional who sits at the powerful convergence between Career Coaching, Executive Search, and Interview-Skills Training.

  • “Telling your career story shouldn’t be that hard.” Gina Riley
  • “I’m getting interviews, but something isn’t landing.” Gina Riley
  • “In my role as a career coach, I shift my clients’ mindset from “quick resume fix” to helping them develop a sustainable professional career plan. I take a modern approach, by considering the things that crowd our lives, limit our time and attention span, and cause us to neglect our own long-range planning.” Gina Riley
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