Get Over It! Podcast

Get Over It! Podcast

Chakra Healing and Third Eye Awakening

March 19, 2020

Dr. Susan Shumsky is back to talk about chakra healing and third eye awakening in her two new books - The Big Book of Chakras and Chakra Healing: How to Unlock Your Seven Energy Centers for Healing, Happiness, and Transformation and Third Eye Meditations: Awaken Your Mind, Spirit, and Intuition.

Susan shares a 22-minute meditation. Stressed? Have fearful thoughts? Listen to this meditation

Dr. Shumsky shares information on how to heal at the mind-body and spirit level by working with our chakras.

We talk about

The human energy field and the layers that withinThe auraKundaliniThe fourteen chakrasThe five pranasThe pranic body - Subtle bodyThe fivefold sheath

We also talk about

Guided meditation - Susan presents a 22-minute meditationFinding your genuine selfOpening your third eyeHw everything begins in the mindPlanetary vibrations risingWaking, dreaming and deep statesHow to find peace in this time of COVID-19