Get Over It! Podcast

Get Over It! Podcast

Paul Selig: Realization and Spiritual Growth

February 04, 2020

Paul Selig is back to talk about his latest channeled book - Beyond the Known: Realization. Within the pages are instructions and attunements to assist with stepping into the energy of realization and to bolster your spiritual growth.

Expanding on and transcending his previous work, Realization, the first volume in the Beyond the Known trilogy is composed of the pure, inedited words of the Guides as they share their wisdom and knowledge through Paul Selig. It serves as a psychological-spiritual guide to take readers beyond the perceived limitations of accepted reality and open their minds to ultimate manifestation.

Paul Selig's work has been featured on ABC News Nightline, Fox News, the Biography Channel series The UneXplained, Giam TV's Beyond Belief and the documentary film PGS: Your Personal Guidance System. He has appeared on numerous radio shows and podcasts, including Coast to Coast AM with George Noory and Bob Olson's Afterlife TV.

We talk about

The nature of personal realityHumanity is in a time of reckoningThe importance of realization and spiritual growth nowReaching the octave of the Higher RoomHumanity is at a spiritual crossroadsThe high vibrational attunements in the book - I have come x3How to prepare for collective changeHow to be as one with allExplanation of the Christ self - No fearThe vibrational accord or ac-chord of everythingThe physical process we are currently experiencingHow everything created in fear needs to be recreated in a higher waySeparation is fear

In 1987, a spiritual experience left Paul Selig, clairvoyant. Since then Paul has established himself as one of the foremost spiritual channels in the world. His unique connection has placed him in contact with The Guides, beings of higher intelligence, who share their voices and wisdom through him.