Get Out There and Get Known Podcast

Get Out There and Get Known Podcast

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Episode 81: Discover Your Calling and Uncover Your Genius with Roz Miller Choice, The Expert Maker®
April 20, 2022

Get ready to take notes because my guest this week is Roz Miller Choice, the Expert Maker, and her superpower is uncovering your hidden genius and packaging it for earning potential. - We dig into th

Episode 80: Personal Branding Tips to Boost Your Message in the Media
April 14, 2022

Whether you need to learn the basics of personal branding or dig a little deeper, this talk with Lewis Schenk of Boost Media has what you’re looking for. Listen in and learn: the key to giving unforge

Episode 79: How to Leverage TV to Build Your Brand with Remi Jones of RemiTV
April 07, 2022

If you’re eager to leverage TV to build your brand, then you’ll love this episode with journalist, TV host, and executive producer Remi Jones, who developed her own media company to spotlight the chan

Episode 78: Marketplace Ministry Through Purpose and Passion with Tamra Andress, Entrepreneur and Podcast Host
March 30, 2022

My guest, Tamra Andress has combined her gifts, skills, passion, and faith for a purpose with the clarity (and financial profit) that I want for you, so listen in and learn: how marketplace ministry c

Episode 77: Get Noticed with Video with Tanya Smith, Content Marketing Strategist
March 22, 2022

Listen in and hear what content marketing strategist Tanya Smith suggests for starter gear and equipment upgrades, along with: getting over your on-camera fears, your initial video setup (which doesn’

Episode 76: Get Publicity for Your Book – Pro Tips with Liz H. Kelly, Publicist & Author
March 16, 2022

Listen in as my guest, Liz H Kelly, and I discuss why you need an 8-second pitch, pro tips about becoming an Amazon bestseller and spicing up your personal story, alternatives to googling your way to

Episode 75: Get Local and Get Vocal with Emmy Award-winning journalist, Jiquanda Johnson
March 09, 2022

If you’ve been worried about the future of black media, then my talk with Emmy-award winning journalist Jiquanda Johnson will lift you up – and maybe even get you busy. - So, listen in to get the sco

Episode 74: Want to Be in the Limelight? Join the Convo with Clarissa Burt
March 02, 2022

Listen in for true stories from our combined 60 years in the media industry, along with: your perfect pitch template for getting referrals, why the media needs you as much as you need the media, when

Episode 73: Respect the Publicist – A “Shop Talk” with PR Colleague Candice Nicole
February 23, 2022

If you think you need a publicist, but you’re not sure what they do or how they help, then this is the episode for you – especially if you like backstage peeks at the media. My guest Candice Nicole

Episode 72: Glow, Grow, and Show with Emmy-award-winning TV Host, Markette Sheppard
February 16, 2022

Listen in as we talk about: Why you need to keep an eye out for big changes in your industry, what children of color need to see and why, the dirty little secret about getting access to the better opp