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Money, Stress, and Success
April 13, 2020

**WARNING: INTRO IS NOT NSFW. Tired of numbers defining your life? Us too. Austin, Emile, and Sokol join as guests as we break down the nuances of "success" and "failure" and why we as a society focus so much on numbers like GPA, SAT, and income. *This e

Woman UP!!
March 08, 2020

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN's DAY!! : Aminah and Sydney join the GenZ team to discuss women's rights, media objectification, and what a world with gender equality could look like. 

Getting Into the College of Your Dreams
November 01, 2019

In this throwback from last Spring, we had the chance to interview some Class of '19 Worcester students, Gia-Han Le and Kevin Nguyen, who are currently freshmen at Harvard and Brown respectively. 

How To Survive High School
October 06, 2019

Kwaku and Jason invite special guests to recap crazy summer plans, how to maintain your sanity in high school, senioritis, and much more!

ZION and What It Means to be a High School Athlete
May 18, 2019

With the recent Draft Lottery and only the best teams left in the Playoffs, enjoy this episode with Doherty athletes Josh Brunelle, Aidan Noonan, and Luc Zafon-Whalen.

Is Our Education Broken?
March 01, 2019

Should teachers be armed? Worcester teachers share perspectives on everything school-related, including why standardized tests don't work and how to prevent school shootings.

Guns: Who Should Have Them?
February 23, 2019

Does someone's right to bear arms get in the way of another person's right to live? Guns are often a controversial subject but the GenZ Team breaks down the facts on Gun Rights and more in an era of Mass Shootings.

Securing The Bag: Tips From Harvard Entrepreneurs
February 16, 2019

Dr. Christopher Lassiter and Worcester-native, Dr. Sam Coy, join us to share their inspirational stories about how they went to law school, graduated from Harvard, and started their own businesses. They inform us on how today's teens can find our own path

Let's Talk Drugs
February 09, 2019

This episode features DHS students, Josh Brunelle and Duong Dao to discuss the legalization of marijuana in MA and what's up with the new Juuling trend.

Is Our Education Broken? Pt.2
February 01, 2019

Does high school actually prepare us for college and the real world? Why is it so expensive!? Worcester teens break down what school is really like from the student perspective.