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Maybe This Isn’t For You
March 13, 2019

Season 6 of GEEK THIS! officially starts, comic writer Tom Taylor shuts down some Captain Marvel haters, and I share my newest ideology about geek culture. Episode Links Tom Taylor’s Twitter Thread Bandrew Says – Episode 159 -

Trailer Reaction – Avengers: Endgame
December 09, 2018

Taking a closer look at the new "Avengers: Endgame" trailer.

The Final Excelsior: Remembering Stan Lee
December 09, 2018

Stan Lee - 1922 to 2018

Child’s Play (1988)
October 31, 2018

Chucky the Doll terrified me on multiple levels as a kid, so it took a lot of psyching myself up in order to watch Child's Play. I have to say that I’m very glad I did, because I overcame my fear and laughed at myself in the process. Also,

Shaun of the Dead (2004) & Halloween (2018)
October 24, 2018

David Hunt returns, along with Michael Myers, as we chat about the 2004 modern zombie classic, Shaun of the Dead. After that, we jump into a conversation about our recent Halloween double-feature! Every time David is on the show,

Cursed Comics Cavalcade #1
October 17, 2018

Ghouls, ghosts, gasps, and superheroes are all part of DC Comics' Halloween-inspired 80-page Giant, which is the focus of this week's episode. Also, I bring back the Pull List segment and let you know what comics I'm reading this week!

Huluween Film Fest (2018)
October 10, 2018

For the last couple of years, Hulu has showcased some of the best (and worst) horror films. This year they take it one step further by focusing on shorts created by independent film makers in partnership with Fox Network Group’s content studio, All City.

Are You Afraid of the Dark? (1990)
October 03, 2018

It's October, the podcast is back, and it's that time of the year where we all just want something spooky to watch. This week, I'm starting off the season right by talking a little about a show from my childhood - and possibly yours - Are You Afraid of...

RPG with Me (Pilot)
August 26, 2018

This week, I'm jumping all into my newfound fascination for role-playing games with a special release of the pilot episode of RPG with Me, a new podcast I'm doing with my daughters. I hope you enjoy it!

San Diego Comic Con 2018 Trailer Reactions
July 24, 2018

It's the week after San Diego Comic-Con and we've got trailers! Why not spend the entire episode giving my initial reactions?!