Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

Facebook Pages the Ultimate PR Disaster #1565

November 01, 2021

Facebook has an ongoing PR disaster on its hands with thousands of internal company research papers to show how bad the company has been misbehaving over the years on a wide variety of fronts. Yet it will have little consequence going forward.
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Show Notes:

* “5D” storage could fit 500TB on a CD
* Elon Musk says he’ll sell Tesla stock if UN can solve the hunger crisis
* NASA astronauts harvest green chile on the ISS
* Apple’s app tracking policy 
* Facebook’s rebranding to Meta mocked
* Amazon begins Black Friday early
* Chromebook sales fall hard
* Facebook takes down a government-run troll farm
* Amazon’s Project Kuiper
* Astronomers may have spotted a planet in another galaxy 
* Massive Sun solar flare hits Earth
* Amazon lifts mask mandates
* Tesla starts selling home charger
* Apple’s macOS Monterey
* Pixel 6 Pro display flickering issues