Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

Macbook Pro M1X Chip Announcement #1561

October 14, 2021

Apple is rumored to announce the new Macbook Pro with the new M1X Apple silicon. Additionally, they may be releasing a Mac Mini with the same chip in it. This will be the announcement many folks have patiently waiting for. The question is what will the availability be for the new computer.
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Show Notes:

* Foxconn reveals “Foxtron” EV
* Amazon reportedly favors its own brands in search results
* These are the best cheap Wi-Fi 6 routers
* Visible confirms hackers accessed user accounts
* Microsoft shutting down LinkedIn in China
* Google modernizes US mobile search results
* Apple’s “Unleashed” event
* Pressure mounts on Amazon and App Store
* Facebook says it’s expanding its “less political” newsfeed
* Twitter begins testing ads in replies
* Apple captures 75% of the global handset market
* FTC warns that fake reviews will be punished
* Spotify opens its Car Thing waitlist
* House bill would limit Section 230 protections