Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

SpaceX Approved for 3 Test Flights #1525

April 29, 2021

SpaceX has been approved for an additional 3 test flights by the FAA for its Boca Chica flight facility. This is a big deal in that they got all three approved at once. We will see if SpaceX can land one upright.
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Show Notes:

* Peacock signs up 9 million 
* Google Pay update
* Tim Cook warns of Apple product shortages
* Facebook will spend $5 million paying local reporters
* Dish chairman calls T-Mobile “The Grinch”
* Gig workers at Target-owned Shipt are getting their bank account drained
* FAA authorizes SpaceX’s next 3 Starship test launches
* FCC reveals sign-up date and website
* Electrify America
* Verizon “leads” all US carriers in mmWave 5G availability¬†
* NYPD stops using Boston Dynamics’ robodog
* Twitter Q1
* Amazon Q1
* Apple reportedly slashes AirPods production
* HBO Max will cost $10 a month with ads
* NASA wants to go farther and faster