Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

Tesla AutoPilot under Serious Scrutiny #1523

April 22, 2021

Tesla AutoPilot is under serious scrutiny after 2 people were killed when the driver was in the passenger seat. Consumer Reports has reported how they got a Tesla to drive around a test track with no one in the driver’s seat. People will do dumb things to get themselves killed but this is ridiculous and need to be fixed.
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Show Notes:

* AT&T beats earnings 
* Tesla crash prompts senators to push for recommendations
* Every new movie and show on Netflix in May
* Montblanc’s fitness-centric smartwatch
* Lego’s new $200 R2-D2 set
* Riverside.FM raises $9.5 million
* Twitter rolls out 4K support
* Google FI
* Joe Biden is betting big on small networks
* The FCC wants your thoughts
* SpaceX Crew 2 third crewed mission
* Congress push to allow more autonomous vehicles 
* Apple downplays complaints about App Store scams
* Weather and news coming to the Windows 10 taskbar
* The University of Minnesota banned the Linux kernel
* Facebook: 2 billion users each month watching videos