Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

Mars Helicopter Survives #1518

April 05, 2021

Mars Ingenuity rover’s Helicopter has survived its first nite on Mars paving the way for test and potential hover flight on April 11th this is all good news as NASA is hitting all its milestones so far with this program. Also Elon Musk explains why SN11 Blew up during its test flight. Let’s just say fire and cables to do mix well.
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Show Notes:

* Netflix, Apple, and Disney were big winners at the SAG awards
* Supreme Court dismisses suit over Trump
* NASA Ingenuity survives first cold night alone
* What you can do about the messy Facebook data breach
* GameStop files with the SEC
* Elon Musk and the SpaceX Starship SN11
* Democratic lawmakers ask Facebook about its Instagram for Kids
* This 830-horsepower, crab-walking SUV
* LG officially quits the smartphone market
* Tim Cook says he is “not focused on Facebook”
* Russia extends Twitter slowdown
* Star Trek: Picard Season 2
* The US indicts California man accused of stealing Spotify data
* Labor relation board sides with Amazon
* Supreme Court rules in favor of Google