Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

On New Iron #1515

March 22, 2021

Amiss the publishing of the last show the server that GNC resides on fell over sideways and crashed harder than an airplane with no fuel. It went totally down and I was quite lucky that Angelo Mandato was still awake as he came to the site’s rescue and had me on new hardware in under an hour. With database planning and a magnificent backup strategy we were no worse for the wear. Big shout out for him getting me back online.
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Show Notes:

* Roku will stream every episode of “This Old House” for free
* The 6 best free media players for Windows
* Krispy Kreme offers free donuts
* iPhone 13 could launch in late September
* What is Scareware?
* LG Is looking to shut down phone business
* An AI version of William Shatner
* 73% of Microsoft workers want to work from home
* Samsung Galaxy S21 US sales have reportedly tripled 
* Jury orders Apple to pay $308 million
* Angry Macbook owners in a butterfly keyboard suit
* Clubhouse’s Android launch
* Samsung is reportedly working on a double-folding phone
* Big changes coming to Intel’s next CPU