Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

Facebook will read your Brain waves #1514

March 18, 2021

Facebook is working on a new device that will read your brain waves in order to power a device that will let you type like a keyboard without having a keyboard or control lights and devices with hand gestures tied to eye wear and a wearable arm band. yepp now the will be reading your brain.
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Show Notes:

* BMW i4
* Monopoly wants your help
* Amazon’s Ring launches 3 new gadgets
* WallStreetBets donated more than $300,000
* Flesky co-founder is suing Apple
* One company wants to sell the feds location data from every car
* The federal govt is investigating another Tesla autopilot crash
* Data shows the NYPD seized 55,000 phones in 2020
* AT&T lies about California net neutrality
* Coca-Cola is launching vending machine subscriptions in China
* Spotify launches a site to show how much it pays artists
* Amazon Fire TV’s free news app
* Google’s plan to block third party cookies and the DOJ
* Twitter is testing a way to watch YouTube videos