Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

Google Incognito Lawsuit to Advance #1513

March 15, 2021

Googles 5 Billion dollars incognito lawsuit is being allowed to advance. This is after Google has worked hard to get it dismissed but it has enough legs to proceed and obviously Google is not happy. So we will see where this one goes. Remember Incognito does not mean a private session only one that is free of cookies.
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Show Notes:

* –SpaceX
* –Using cameras and AI to help exoskeletons adapt
* –Satellites detect volcanos heating up before they blow
* –Comcast lost $914 million
* –PA woman charged with using deepfakes
* –Starbucks now offers access to an app for blind customers
* –The Zebra
* –Amazon’s warehouse “mini-games”
* –NASA Perseverance¬†
* –Your Pixel phone will continue to give you unlimited storage
* –Is a free VPN safe?
* Streaming dominates Oscar nominees
* –Judge rules $5 billion Google Chrome incognito mode lawsuit
* –US charges CEO of¬† selling encrypted devices to drug traffickers¬†
* –Twitter fixed a bug
* –Tubi