Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

Streamer earns $3000 while Sleeping #1510

February 26, 2021

A celebrity in Taiwan started her live stream and went to sleep for 5 hours. This then resulted in over 11,000 people watching the stream of her sleeping and then donating $3000 dollars to the streamer. I need that gig.
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Show Notes:

* The best ways to find free Wi-Fi
* 5G coverage map
* The 10 best Bluetooth keyboards for tablets and tablets
* Paramount+ announces pricing
* Lawmakers argue to update antitrust laws
* Mr. Potato Head drops “Mister”
* 2021 best TV shows
* One of the biggest hotels in Las Vegas will have a podcast studio
* Just 10 percent for the new Postal Service fleet will be electric
* Twitch pulls Amazon’s anti-union ads
* AT&T spins out DirecTV
* FCC announces winners in spectrum auction
* Spotify can play your liked songs by genre or mood
* Amazon Music lands on Google TV and Android TV devices
* Twitter announces Super Follows
* Twitter is working on a “safety mode”
* HP Q1