Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

Perseverance Landing Video Incredible #1509

February 22, 2021

Perseverance landing video released by NASA is truly remarkable. I was blown away by the clarity it was like a front-row seat. While short it demonstrates how fast and how accurate things have to be to land safely. While computers make it happen in real-time the engineers have to perfect the code and timing to make sure all events fire when they are supposed to.
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Show Notes:

* 5 common mistakes slowing down you Windows PC
* Disney+ adds content warning to The Muppett Show
* Bitcoin drops after Musk tweet
* Samsung launches EKG support in 31 more countries
* Apple beats Samsung in phone sales
* President Obama and Bruce Springteen on Spotify
* Microsoft will add predictive typing to Word
* AT&T and Frontier have let phone networks fall apart
* Spotify to test paid podcast subscriptions
* Samsung’s 2021 Frame TV lineup
* NASA releases Perservance landing video
* Dish is confident in its plan to offer 5G
* SpaceX’s first private flight will put in 29 year old in orbit
* Netflix’s Downloads For You
* Microsoft will help European news outlets