Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

Perseverance has Landed on Mars #1508

February 19, 2021

Perseverance has landed on mars huge shout-out of congratulations to NASA and the JPL team that made it happen. Knocking on wood here but we have gotten pretty good at landing on Mars. There are always things that can go sideways but this was not one of those events. We will see in the coming days if the rover and its onboard helicopter drone and its systems arrived intact.
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Show Notes:

* Google removes app if Uber drivers were underpaid
* How to avoid fees when paying your taxes
* Chromebooks overtake Macs
* YouTube offering new entertainment bundle
* Apple is already working on developing 6G wireless technology 
* Microsoft announces Office 2021
* Tech groups are suing Maryland’s new digital services tax
* Older Google Pixels is having camera issues
* Uber extends work from home policy
* Photomath
* Facebook, Google, and Twitter will appear at a hearing
* Android 12
* California DMV warns records may have been exposed
* Apple TV now on Chromecast
* Dropbox Q4
* Roku Q4
* NASA’s Perservance rover lands on M...