Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

Section 230 is 25! #1506

February 08, 2021

Section 230 of the Digitally Millenium Copyright Act is 25 today and businesses like mine would not have been able to survive without it. While section 230 reform is going to likely happen we will need to wait and see what Congress does in way of reform with new legislation being introduced now.
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Show Notes:

* 15 Twitter safety tips
* WallStreetBets gets featured in a Super Bowl commercial 
* 10 internet safety do’s and don’ts
* See a billion years of Earth plate tectonics movement
* Paramount Plus
* Chromecast with Google TV update
* Apple should jump on the cryptocurrency bandwagon
* Speedtest app now measures network ability to stream video
* YouTube robbery “prank”
* Apple/Hyundai car talks ended
* Section 230 turns 25 today
* Alabama warehouse workers prepare to face down Amazon
* Facebook is finally banning vaccine misinformation
* Apple’s App Store is hosting multi-million dollar scams
* DoorDash has acquired Chowbotics