Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

Is Google a Bigger Gatekeeper? #1505

February 01, 2021

Google appears to be trying to give consumers more information about a website before you visit it, in qualifying the content it provides based on Wikipedia information about specific sites. Being I am not a fan of Wikipedia as it is still individuals’ opinions and write up’s that built that site that can be manipulated. I garner more games being played with Wikipedia entries.
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Show Notes:

* Virgin Galatic plans next rocket-powered test flight
* SpaceX plans 2 Starlink launches this week
* The 10 best sites for free music downloads
* Amazon says governments requested a record amount of data
* Black Panther series is coming to Disney+
* 8 online grocery delivery services
* NASA’s SLS rocket
* US invests $232 million in phone-based COVID-19 tests
* SpaceX announces first “all-civilian” mission
* First commercial biofuel booster rocket in Maine
* NASA Mars Perseverance rover 
* The 5 best custom PC builder websites
* The 5 best bucket list apps for your Android
* More Amazon Go stores are getting contactless One palm readers