Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

Robinhood App Stealing from the Poor #1504

January 28, 2021

RobinHood the Trading app today in my opinion effectively stole from the poor, when it prevented its users to make legal trades on the stock market and in my opinion should be heavily punished by its userbase. They effectively in my opinion handed a lot of money back to the ultra-rich that had lost billions over the past few days.
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Show Notes:

* Amazon now offers pickup option of Fire TV Edition TVs at Best Buy
* Peacock hit 33 million signups
* E-Trade won’t let you buy GameStop and AMC stock
* Gambling apps are coming to Google Play Store
* Apple clinches Q4 smartphone shipments top spot
* YouTube is testing clips on live streams
* Tim Cook takes aim at Facebook’s practices
* Discord is no longer banning r/WallStreetBets
* Google pulls popular transit app NY Subway from Play Store
* Robinhood hit with a class-action lawsuit
* Samsung Q4
* There are over 1 billion iPhones in use around the world
* Disney+ removes some classic films
* Identity thieves raked in billions with your data