Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

Facebook Rolls Back News Feed Changes #1494

December 17, 2020

Facebook rolls back news feed changes now that the election is over. They applied significant editorial control over the content being presented to users that in my opinion is another strike against Facebook in them selecting what news is good for us. I am not a fan of what they have done in this instance.
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Show Notes:

* Major news publications protesting Apple tax
* Uber offers 10 million rides
* Amazon is making contact-free returns easier
* Redesigning search would harm the internet
* Canoo reveals a new electric delivery vehicle 
* Amazon’s answer to SpaceX Starlink
* Europe clears Google-Fitbit
* The Artemis Moon landing 2024 and team selection
* Jeremy Bulloch passed away
* Walmart will turn TikTok into its own shopping network
* Facebook rolls back News Feed
* SEC fines Robinhood
* Google hit with 3rd antitrust lawsuit
* Avast found 28 malicious extensions
* Twitter will reopen verification requests
* Judge orders Apple iOS Chief to testify
* Nuclear weapons agency breached