Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

SpaceX gets 866 Million #1492

December 07, 2020

SpaceX will get 866 million over the next 10 years from the US Government as part of its rural broadband initiatives to bring broadband to rural America. In other SpaceX news we will see a potential test launch of it’s big spacecraft.
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Show Notes:

* 3 signs your hard drive is failing 
* The 6 best Mac cleaning and optimization apps
* Verizon will spend $16 billion on C-band spectrum
* Best Buy expands contactless curbside pickup hours
* CRISPR gene editing
* Death to 2020
* Pornhub under investigation
* California’s CA Notify app
* Russia state hackers; ransack networks
* FCC awards SpaceX $886 million for satellite network
* Comcast extends offer of free Wi-Fi
* $340,000 of Nvidia graphic cards were stolen in China
* Apple 2021 Mac CPU roadmap
* LG plans to outsource
* Google adds Apple Music support
* Airbnb starts non-profit
* Users complain iOS 14.2 complains some older iPhones to overheat