Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

Google to End Free Photo Storage #1487

November 12, 2020

Google is ending free photo storage and pushing everyone to Google One. This part of ongoing bait and switch techniques companies do over the years, get you hooked on a free product, and then say ok you now have to pay. It’s not surprising as we all continue to rack up micropayments like crazy.
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Show Notes:

* –Uber Eats launches prescription delivery¬†
* –Apophis might threaten Earth in 2068
* –How to choose a photo storage device
* –Judge dismisses Apple “theft” claims
* –YouTube suffered a 2-hour global outage
* –Airbnb glitch cancels trips
* –Amazon sues influencer¬†
* –AT&T offers cheaper wireless data
* –macOS 11 Big Sur
* –YouTube won’t release a Rewind video
* –Christopher Krebs excepts to be fired
* –PayPal and cryptocurrency
* –Disney+ hits 73.7 million subscribers
* –Cisco Q1
* –Virginia police use Oculus VR headsets for training
* –Alexa Care Hub
* –