Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

Apple One More Thing #1486

November 09, 2020

Apple One more thing event is bad news for Intel but good news for Apple as they will be in control of almost their entire infrastructure. This is expected to be a historic day and we may not see another one like it in our lifetime.
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Show Notes:

* 15 extensions to transform your Facebook experience 
* 9 iPhone security settings and tweaks
* Mcdonald’s Mcplant burgers
* 5 best phone trackers
* GM will hire 3,000 people
* Verizon launches GizmoWatch Disney edition
* Europa may glow in the dark
* Samsung passes Apple 
* President Trump to lose “World Leader” status 
* These are the best phones on AT&T
* iHeartMedia teams up with Pushkin Industries
* NASA administrator says he plans to leave
* Parler has seen nearly 1 million downloads
* Nuro raises $500 million
* T-Mobile expands LTE home internet 
* YouTube Music focuses on personalized playlists
* Zoom agrees to bolster security
* Comcast takes on Ring