Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

Spy on your Neighbors with a Doorcam #1485

November 05, 2020

Spy on your Neighbors is something many do. But connecting your Doorcam to a police surveillance center to allow the police to spy are two different things. What have we become when this can be even considered a good thing. I cannot even begin to think of the privacy issues. Imagine you will no longer be able to dash to the mailbox in your underware or hold a party during covid in your yard without getting spied on.
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Show Notes:

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* T-Mobile passes 100 million total customers
* Netflix files copyright claims against tweets
* SpaceX seeks to fly unproven rocket
* Razer’s Book 13
* Apple releases iOS 14.2 and iPad OS 14.1
* goPuff
* Vimeo Q3
* Uber Q3
* Dropbox Q3
* Roku Q3
* Facebook removes “Stop the Steal” group
* Motorola’s latest budget phone
* The best digital gifts to send to your friends and family
* Ring doorbells to send live video to Mississippi police
* Square Q3
* California backs Prop 22
* Qualcomm Q4