Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

Facebook registers 4.4m voters #1483

October 26, 2020

Facebook registers 4.4 million voters which is not hard to believe considering how aggressive they were at trying to get you to register even when you told them you already were. I personally think it’s none of Facebooks business though to know if I am registered to vote or not. They have enough info on me as it is.
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Show Notes:

* Facebook launches a free cloud gaming service
* Best streaming services
* Meat on Mars
* Zoom starts rolling out end-to-end encryption 
* Telsa will spend up to $12 billion on EV and battery production
* Uber and American Express team up
* Apple plans revamped Airpods
* LG’s new wireless earbuds
* Anker FCC filing hints at second-gen Amazon Echo Buds
* SpaceX Starlink to go South
* Chromebooks gain market share
* Water found in new locations on the moon
* Apple TV+, Netflix, and more explored buying the rights to Bond film
* Microsoft will force IE users to open some websites in Edge
* The Zebra