Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

16th Anniversary Show #1480

October 06, 2020

Tonight is my 16th Anniversary podcast and I take you down memory lane to the beginning when this show was born and a little of the history behind it. A big thank you to GoDaddy that has been here for 15 years and those of you that support the show as an insider. It really continues to be an amazing ride.
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Show Notes:

* Fake turtle eggs and an international sea turtle conspiracy
* Google’s FitBit deal may win EU approval
* Slack’s recent outage
* Regal will temporarily suspend operations
* Facebook to launch mental health portal
* Samsonite’s Google-powered smart backpack
* Dune October 2021
* Slow broadband and security remain top issues when working from home
* Excel spreadsheet error blamed for UK’s missing coronavirus cases
* H&M fined for breaking GDPR
* Microsoft Bing
* Disney, Marvel, and Pixar movies now available in 4K on Apple TV
* AT&T kills DSL
* Netflix just made it easier to find something to watch
* Nvidia unveils Maxine
* Cooler Screens