Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

International Podcast Day Celebration #1478

September 29, 2020

International Podcast Day is this coming Wednesday September 30th. I will be involved with several big events. The interview of Adam Curry and talking about Podcast 2.0 and the history of podcasting. Lot’s of things happening in the podcasting space.
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Show Notes:

* NASA’s new budget for Artemis
* A new radio telescope is going to fly to the other side of the moon
* The newest picture of Jupiter and Europa
* Sonos is offering 6 months of Disney+
* AT&T will let you mix and match unlimited wireless plans
* First planet spotted by Cheops
* Google gives app makers a year to comply with the Play Store policy
* The best car phone holders
* Universal Health Services slammed by a massive cyberattack
* Farmville on Facebook is shutting down this year
* The Home Depot is selling a new Chromecast
* IRS and cryptocurrency
* Verizon and AT&T to pay $127 million for allegedly overcharging agencies 
* Roku is adding Apple AirPlay 2 and Homekit to its 4k devices
* The Roku Channel is now available on Android and...