Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

Facebook at War with EU! #1476

September 22, 2020

Facebook is at war with the EU and says the may cease operations in Europe over a data storage ruling that happened in Ireland. Facebook appears to me to be upset and acting like a child bully. It’s highly doubtful that Facebook will cut off collecting data on the 410 million europeans that use Facebook.
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Show Notes:

* Petcube Cam
* OnePlus 8T
* Guide to personalize your Android phone
* Samsung cancels 2020 developers conference
* NASA spacecraft discovers chunks of asteroid Vesta
* Best USB-C thumb drives
* Facebook says it will stop operating in Europe
* Twitter investigates racial bias
* YouTube brings back more human moderators
* Oracle says ByteDance will have no ownership stake in TikTok Global
* T-Mobile amassed an “unprecedented concentration of spectrum” 
* $5,000 RTX 3080 graphic cards
* Facebook will let people claim ownership of images
* Amazon Sidewalk
* Peacock on Roku
* Microsoft to be “water positive” by 2030