Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

No Fiber for Hong Kong #1472

September 01, 2020

Google and Facebook have been told no Fiber to Hong Kong as Hong Kong is now a national security risk with the high speed low latency connection. The US Government determined it would be to high risk to expose US traffic through Hong Kong. The big winner in this will be the Philippines and few other countries.
Conspiracy Theory #1: Mount Kailash, in Eastern Tibet
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Show Notes:

* What’s coming to Netflix
* Watch an ancient NASA disintegrate
* FBI worried Ring and other doorbell cameras
* Overcast’s latest update
* OnePlus 8T
* Trump administration forces Facebook and Google
* TikTok has chosen a buyer
* Facebook and Instagram reveal “recommendation guidelines”
* Motorola’s latest mid-range phone
* Lenovo announces a new flagship laptop line
* Qualcomm announces Snapdragon 732G
* Apple App Store policy changes
* Amazon Prime can now officially begin drone delivery trials
* Wish files for an IPO
* Zoom Q2
* Revel’s electric mopeds coming to San Francisco