Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

LG Creates Battery Powered Mask #1471

August 28, 2020

LG has created a battery powered mask with hepa filtering but no claims on what it protects you from. Definitely better than an average cloth mask but maybe worse at the same time as it’s pushing air at you via a pretty big fan and battery. Will we all be walking around like zombies with these in the future.
Conspiracy Theory
–Airplanes do not use Jet Fuel
–Finland does not exist
–Eight Russian Urban Legends.
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Show Notes:

* Instacart sued by DC attorney general 
* Google Doodle celebrates Alexandre Dumas
* How to check for a car recall
* Best wireless earbuds
* Windows 10 Insider preview
* Virtual power plants coming to apartments in California
* Tesla with Autopilot hits cop car
* President Trump’s social media order
* Facebook is blocking searches for the Kenosha shooter
* T-Mobile’s latest Revvl phone
* Amazon Halo
* Walmart joins Microsoft’s bid to buy TikTok
* 3 men have been charged with leaking movies
* Facebook sues man who sold fake Instagram likes