Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

Secret Service Buys Location Data #1468

August 18, 2020

The Secret Service is buying cell phone location data without a warrant as many other companies and government agencies are also doing. If you think you are not being tracked all the time you are living on another planet. Also, I am soliciting DVDs if you have a DVD collection your looking to get rid of. Your Geek here and his horrible bandwidth at the compound is looking for donations.
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Show Notes:

* Germany to probe whether Amazon influnced prices during the pandemic
* These power banks won’t empty your wallet
* NASA captures haunting view of aurora 
* YouTuber builds device that shoots masks right onto people’s faces
* Star Trek Short Treks Season 2
* Best Motorola phones
* Facebook left 6,500 gallons of drilling fluid off coast of Oregon
* Microsoft will bid farewell to Internet Explorer and Legacy Edge
* The world’s last Blockbuster is open for sleepovers
* Cities sue Netflix, Hulu, Disney+
* Apple will now give customers an entire year for extended warranty 
* Robot boat completes 3 week Atlantc mission
* Verizon’s Mix and Match
* US tightens restriction on Huawei 
* Google reportedly sent identitifying info of extremist users