Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

Twitter Admin Spying on You? #1462

July 27, 2020

If you are someone important a Twitter admin may be spying on you. Meanwhile, the real spies may release “some” UFO reports which will likely be super redacted. But the Pentagon appears to be ready to reveal what they describe as swamp gas and over-imaginative pilots chasing hot air balloons over the pacific.
Have a conspiracy theory or saw something that got shadowbanned let me know.
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Show Notes:

* Apple’s Macs might get Face ID
* Local election officials’ emails could be at risk
* Twitter and Facebook become targets in Trump and Biden ads
* Dave confirms a security breach 
* Australian government sues Google
* Call Control cracks down on robocalls
* The MTA’s got porn in its Google search results
* CTA launches the Public Health Initiative
* Ford deploys Boston Dynamics’ Spot robots to Michigan plant
* Garmin confirms ransomware attack
* Amazon revamps its Alexa app
* Intel debuts slightly slower slightly cheaper version of its chip
* Qualcomm Quick Charge 5
* Matt Gaetz says, Mark Zuckerberg lied