Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

TikTok Under Scrutiny #1461

July 14, 2020

TikTok is under more scrutiny with warnings from the RNC and DNC about staff usage of the app. They say do not use the App on any phone doing campaign work. Make sure that any TikTok usage is on a private device, not a campaign device. Linkedin is under some of the same scrutiny as TikTok and Reddit for looking at data on your phone they have no right to do so.
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Show Notes:

* Amazon tightens warehouse storage rules
* These are the cheapest data plans
* Lego teases buildable NES set
* NASA’s Parker Solar Probe snaps stunning view of comet
* T-Mobile CEO teases that its next “un-carrier” event is coming
* Facebook built a new fiber-spinning robot
* Apple recommends you don’t cover your Macbook camera
* Apple reportedly paid Samsung a $950 million penalty
* Watching Shark Week could earn you $1,000
* Shipt workers plan to walk off the job
* Google bans ads for stalkerware apps
* Skydio shifts to military and enterprise
* Super Mario Bros copy sells for $114,000
* You can now stake your claim in Apple’s $500 million settlement