Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

YouTube TV Jacks up Streaming Price #1458

July 03, 2020

YouTube TV has raised the prices by a whopping 30% taking the price to really insane levels as TV companies work to get their pound of flesh out of all of us. So is it time to cut the digital cord. I start adding up all the services and it will may be time to start reducing my digital subscriptions
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Show Notes:

* Humans left behind a record amount of e-waste
* Tesla stock leaps again
* Google retires the Google Pixel 3a
* House OKs $100 billion broadband plan
* Charter Spectrum lobbies FCC to kill Time Warner merger
* Verizon Fios adds free Hulu offer for new customers on expensive plans
* T-Mobile shuts down Sprint’s 5G network
* Boston the latest city to ban facial recognition 
* Virgin Galatic will live stream its SpaceShip Two cabin reveal 
* Facebook and Instagram will remind people to wear face masks
* Apple launches a new site for Apple Card
* Amazon Prime Day reportedly delayed to October
* Airbnb barring some rentals
* BMW wants to sell subscriptions
* PlayStation is the latest to join the Facebook ad boycott
* Microsoft is using ransomware like tactics